13. The Kinks – Dead End Street (1966)

Another one from the Kinks — and then I’ll move on, I promise!  This one is quite a lot bleaker than “Village Green,” at least in the lyrics — though the music and the surrealist promo video they made for the song brighten things up somewhat. A different perspective on life in London entirely, one that really swam against the current in 1966.

The original video is poor quality (and it has been sped up by a whole tone for some reason) but visually it’s quite amusing.

You can hear the song a lot better here, and to boot you get to see a strange (and literal-minded) little video that somebody else made for it:


The Kinks (again)

The Kinks (again)


2 thoughts on “13. The Kinks – Dead End Street (1966)

  1. Sophie says:

    Some gossip for you: Ray Davies can still frequently be seen in Muswell Hill (where he grew up — off the top of the map on this blog! Closest station Finsbury Park, on the Victoria and Piccadilly lines) where he works with a local choir (the Crouch End Festival Chorus, based down the hill in Crouch End, where Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics met and formed the band, and Bob Dylan once had coffee…). Adam Ant, Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet, and Carl Barât of the Libertines all grew up in Muswell Hill (some years later than Davies…) and Rod Stewart also lived there. In the film Mystikal Journey, Dave Davies takes the viewer on a tour of this area.

  2. I had read that he was still in Muswell Hill, but did not know about the regular sightings or the Crouch End Festival Chorus… very interesting! When we were researching flats to rent for the semester in London, I’m embarrassed to say that I focused on Muswell Hill because of my weird Kinks fixation.

    And I hadn’t heard of the Dave film at all — that sounds awesome. (I’m probably more likely to stalk Dave Davies than Ray, if truth be told, since I’m a Dave fan above all.)

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