19. Donovan – Sunny South Kensington (1966)

I’ve fallen a little behind on these posts, so let me catch up a little by staying with Donovan. Besides celebrating “Sunny Goodge Street,” he also wrote a song celebrating “Sunny South Kensington.” Not a lot of gloominess with our man Donovan.

This song was released in the US as the b-side to “Mellow Yellow,” a song you might know already. For example, I know it was a Gap commercial a few years ago, as well as a butter commercial about a decade ago, and a Cadbury commercial (for “Caramello”; ugh), and it’s apparently now a commercial for a new Coca Cola product called “Mello Yello” as well. And so our man Donovan is cashing a lot of checks. For a hippie.

Anyways, as you probably know, FIE is located in Sunny South Kensington, and so I thought the song would be appropriate, even though it’s not one of Donovan’s greatest songs, imho.

The youtube video, by the way, might be the stupidest one yet. (Who the hell makes these things?)

Donovan Goes Electric

Donovan Goes Electric


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