24. Fairport Convention – Chelsea Morning (1968)

The supergroup of the Folk Baroque in Britain was Fairport Convention. I’ve never really been much of a fan, but I picked up a few records recently and am starting to understand a little better what people saw in them. Here they are from the their first album covering Joni Mitchell’s “Chelsea Morning.”

Of course, Joni was writing about Chelsea in NYC, not Chelsea in London; but I figure that when Fairport Convention took the song to England, they must have shifted the neighborhood in some conceptual way — so I suppose it counts. (I’ve been tempted to include Nico doing “Chelsea Girls” on this list, especially since you guys will be living just on the edge of Chelsea, but there’s no getting around the fact with Nico that it’s NYC and not London.)

Anyway, if you’d like to see Joni doing the song live, here’s a great performance on the Dick Cavett Show from 1968. (To be honest, I’d choose to listen to Joni Mitchell over Fairport Convention anyday…) Bill and Hillary Clinton have admitted to naming their daughter after this song.

And if you want to see Fairport Convention themselves in action in 1968, here’s the band looking awesome on the French TV show Bouton Rouge playing “Morning Glory.” They could totally pass for hipsters in 1996, come to think of it.

Fairport Convention


One thought on “24. Fairport Convention – Chelsea Morning (1968)

  1. Allison Outhit says:

    Sandy Denny and Richard Thompson are early alumni.

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