28. The Fall – Victoria (1988)

I gotta say, I am really getting sick of the 1960s. Will this decade ever end? (And I’m not just talking about on the blog…)

To continue with my belated-birthday-related indulgences, let’s leap ahead 20 years for a bit of a vacation from all those hairy hippies, freeing ourselves briefly from the tyranny of chronology, and let’s indulge for a few minutes in the weirdo nonsense of the 1980s. Here’s The Fall (one British institution) covering The Kinks (another).

And let’s send this one out to Barrow Dunn, since I’d hate for her to feel left out!

(If there’s an ad at the beginning, I apologize — it seems to be there some times, not others, and I can’t find a clean copy of the video on youtube.)

If the irony and ambiguity wasn’t entirely clear in The Kinks’ version of “Victoria,” it’s got to be unmistakable here — especially in the video. Enjoy!

Mark E Smith and Brix

Mark E Smith and Brix


2 thoughts on “28. The Fall – Victoria (1988)

  1. Lynda Starr says:

    hahahaha!!! this rendition of Victoria is quite ironic!

  2. Lynda Starr says:

    though I was confused about the burning of the cake building at the end and its meaning…

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