51. The Clash – London Calling (1979)

Song number fifty one — we’re halfway there! By my reckoning, we’ve got about twenty-five days to go until you guys all land at Heathrow. Now I’m no math major, but it occurs to me that if I can bump myself up to two posts a day for the next twenty-five days, I could actually finish this countdown on time after all. This seems totally plausible (especially if I keep trimming out all the commentary!) Let’s see how it goes.

Anyways, I figured that since we’ve come to the very middle of the project, I should choose a fitting centrepiece for this anthology. That’s what Edmund Spenser would do. (WWESD?) So here’s the song that inspired it all, the title track from the greatest album ever recorded. Turn it up loud!

Now I know I was getting all misty-eyed and syrup-tongued about The Jam a little bit earlier today, but to my mind, there’s really no contest here. Has there ever been a better band than The Clash?

(Correct answer: no.)

The Clash


3 thoughts on “51. The Clash – London Calling (1979)

  1. k- says:

    No. None.

  2. annagreenwood says:

    It’s like you want name your kids after them or something.

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