67. The Beat – Stand Down Margaret (dub version) (1980)

On their debut record, The Beat recorded a song called “Whine and Grine” that had a little protest song about Margaret Thatcher tagged onto the end. The tag proved to be so popular, they did a dub remix of it and released it as a single.

The lyrics cut right to the heart of the matter:

I see no joy, I see only sorrow
I see no chance of your “bright new tomorrow”
So stand down, Margaret, stand down
Please, stand down

I sometimes wonder if I ever get a chance
Just to sing to my children in a holiday jam
Our lives seem petty in your cold grey hands
Would you ever give a thought? Would you ever give a damn?
I doubt it; Stand down, Margaret

Work. White law. Shell shock. World War.

 If you want to see a great live version (but from a slightly chewed up videotape), check it out below:

The Beat


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